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Before I began my career as a photographer, I owned and operated a small, Michigan Avenue advertising and public relations agency. We did business-to-business and business-to-consumer advertising. During that time I worked with and hired actors and models for the ads and TV commercials we created and produced.

I would art direct many of these shoots myself. This experience taught me the methods that work and the ones that do not. During the casting process, which always began by going over headshots and comps, I acquired an skill for reading them to find the right people for the part. I also talked to many of them and got their ideas and experience about getting cast and not getting cast for parts they were seeking. I learned a lot from this and also became sympathetic to the ordeal actors and models sometimes have to go through.

There were also many times when I would talk to agents, coaches, and casting directors to get their opinions on what an actor’s headshot should look like and what it should accomplish. I spent a lot of time, particularly in LA, working with and socializing with these people, and getting their input on working with talent. Once again I learned a lot from this. What I heard was all over the board and opinions diverged quite a bit, but there were commonalities, things almost everyone agreed on. I made these the bedrock of my work.

John Manning

What We Do – Our Services

  • Actor headshots
  • Photo retouching. I can fix just about anything in a photo and make it look natural. And I’m always careful to not violate industry guidelines and directed to do so by the client.
  • Photo compositing. I add add or subtract elements to an image, e.g. change a background.

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