Business Headshots: Looks Count

People judge books by their covers.  All people.  Fortunately some don’t stop there, but everyone starts there. And this applies to your business headshots.

The photos on your business website need to convey the right impressions. And this is as true of a one-man consulting firm as it is of an international law firm with 1500 attorneys. Looks count.

A recent scientific study conducted by Alex Todorov and his fellow researchers at Princeton University showed that people typically judge a person’s competence and credibility by their faces in photos. In the case of photos of candidates for elective office, the people whose photos were judged favorably were the ones who one their elections.

Weak Headshots Hurt Your Marketing

A big factor in people choosing to do business with you and to feel comfortable doing business with your company is your business headshot and the headshots of the others on your team. That’s why we’ve been taking this work very seriously since 1987.

Unlike most of my colleagues, I’ve had a unique advantage in this work of headshot photography. Prior to becoming a commercial photographer, I owned and operated a Michigan Avenue advertising and public relations agency. This made me a client for corporate photography on behalf of my clients before I became a producer of these images.

Choosing corporate photographers to execute these images and working with media to place these images gave me extensive experience in knowing the kinds of images that are most effective and image enhancing.

Look at the samples of many corporate photographers and you see outdated backgrounds, poor lighting, inappropriate expressions and poses, inelegant cropping, etc. But for the image to work, all of the details need to work.

A business headshot is a major element of your company’s brand.

A business headshot doesn’t just show you and your people, it also shows what you stand for, and how serious you are about your work. This means that is must be appropriate, professional, pleasing to the eye, and tastefully executed.

We make the process easy and enjoyable.

We handle all the details to make the process painless. We’ll shoot in your offices or conference room. If you want to do it at another location that’s fine too. Some of our clients have done the shots in building lobbies, outside in rooftop gardens, etc.

We’ll give you a disc with hi-res copies of all the images at the end of the shoot or we can post online proof galleries for each person to view and make selections. Once you choose which images you would like to use, we’ll clean it up and make it look great. Our retouching services are second to none.

We’ll then furnish you a proof and make any additional changes you request before preparing the final files and furnishing them to you.

We’ll provide the fastest service when you need it.

Sometimes clients need to shoot right away and have the finished images ready the same day. Most of the time, 24-hour service is available at no extra charge.

We provide all our services at highly competitive prices. For more information and samples, visit one of our other sites: Executive Portraits Chicago .

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